Detroit Michigan PRP Therapy Testimonials

Truly an exceptional physician! She was able to diagnose a problem that my former doctors were unable to detect. Highly recommend her to anyone! -Melissa

The first time I heard the lecture by Dr. Chatman was the first time I heard the term “functional medicine”. Sitting in the crowd, listening to a “new” term like this and learning about a process that examines “root causes” of ailments patients experience was something that caught my attention right away while I thought I discovering something that would fix my “one problem” I thought I had. I never thought that the process Dr. Chatman was sharing and this experience would redirect me to look at my body (as a whole) instead of one area (a silo). While I have been in this program, I have learned about the differences between organic and conventional foods, how to read labels carefully, trigger foods, how one area of the body is interconnected with another area of the boy, healthy options and lifestyle choices, and how to grocery shop making smarter choices. -Jennifer R.

Wait time less than 15 mins. The staff is kind and courteous. Dr. Chatman takes time to listen to my concerns, and treats me like family.

I started this Health functional program with pain in my left lower stomach abdominal area and now I cannot feel the pain and disease in that area. The detox cleanse has helped me but I am definitely going to continue to detox. I know that my leaky gut needs to improved moreover. This program has and still is a benefit to my health. My balance has improved too. I thank Dr. Chatman for her concern for the wellbeing of human beings. -Edna T

Very satisfied with the program. It has provided me with some dramatic life changing results. Before coming under Dr. Chatman’s care, I knew my health was poor, but didn’t imagine how poor. Been feeling amazing and only half way through. I have been exposed to knowledge and resources I never knew existed. Can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Chatman and her care and approach. -Lue A.

One of the best doctors I’ve experienced in my years! She was kind-hearted and fantastic at small talk! I know a lot more about my heart condition than all of my previous conversations with past doctors! She’s my go to gal! -Mark